Welcome to my dream-come-true. Since 1967 I have been a huge fan of former Vice-President Hubert Humphrey. Since 1994 I've looked often for a comprehensive place where fans of HHH as well as younger readers can read up on this great leader. From July 10, 1948, Humphrey was on a National Political stage. He made one of the greatest Civil Rights speeches of all-time at the Democratic Convention. His comments that day in Philly took a lot of courage at a time when it wasn't always popular. As time went along Humphrey was actively involved in making life better for all Americans. I was lucky enough to speak with the Senator in June, 1972 on a phone-in show on WMCA-NY. I told him I was going to vote for him in the New Jersey Primary. He seemed to imply that he didn't want to be on the ballot there. I never understood his answer. Also, I run a discussion forum about HHH:

Humphrey Forum In the future, I hope to include a complete reading list. You can find many books-and-collectables on eBay as well as Amazon. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please write


I did write a College paper on my Political hero in May 1975

Including my Professor's comments. Humphrey's Happy HideAway Here are some articles from DownBeat, Forbes, and The Economist

I found these years ago while on CompuServe Humphrey's Happy HideAway While this is a lot of reading, here are some fascinating insights from a man who was Humphrey's campaign manager.

Lawrence F O'Brien interviews, I think conducted with the LBJ Library? Hubert-Humphrey's-Happy-HideAway

Here's an article from the NY-Times on Humphrey's visit to Saigon from February 09, 1966

An article from Washington Post style section on Francis Howard Humphrey's 81st birthday

A short article on LBJ recording Humphrey's phone calls from 03/19/1998

This is a book review from April, 1995 of the Politics of Joy

Star Tribune story from 06/03/2001

An LBJ Library aural History interview of Humphrey

The 2nd of these LBJ History interviews with Humphrey

First of 5 items surrounding 50-years since Humphrey's Civil Rights speech. This is from June 14, 1998

Impact of Humphrey's speech on Democrats in 1948

Another fine article by Eric Black on progress since the speech While I don't have an audio copy to share,

Here is an exact text from July 14, 1948

A piece from School of Champions on LBJ's selection process of HHH

Another LBJ Library Interview of Humphrey from 08/17/1971

From the day after Humphrey's selection in 1968, a NY-Times story

An article on LBJ's Viet Nam bombing pause to help Humphrey's campaign from October 23, 1968

An article from the USIA on the Peace Corps-and-Humphrey's leggacy of public service

An article from November 07, 1994 on dumping in Vice-Presidents

President Carter's tribute to Humphrey from December 02, 1977

A WCCO story on LBJ-and-Humphrey from 12/19/1997

An Encyclopedia Britannica biography of Humphrey from 1999

What would Humphrey think of our progress in Civil Rights?

Who's party now, by Orville Freeman from the DFL

First of 3 more biographies on Humphrey

And this bio

And from the Soft-Ware Tool Works Encyclopedia

The Humphrey Institute had a series called "Language of the Land"

An article on Humphrey's view of American Isolation

Reflections on a 20th Century life from 1991

Humphrey Vice-Presidency in Retrospect

Humphrey-and-Political Science

Book review of the Walls of Jericho

Here's a 1963 article written by Humphrey on economics after the Cold War. I've got to say that it sure took a visionary like Humphrey to think past this time period.

Another short biography of Humphrey, this time by Sparrow Hubert-Humphrey's-Happy-HideAway While text articles are wonderful, but nothing beats hearing the voice of Humphrey-and-his passion.

Walter Kronkite narrated a 6LP set in 1970-and-here's a clip about the bombing of North Viet Nam

By the way, this page is written in "HHH"tml.